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Clark Memorial Library's Maker Space!

3-D Printer

Use our 3-D printer and related software on our new laptop, to make just about anything you can imagine. 

We now offer 3D Printing Service for a small fee.  See our 3D Printing Service Page for details and instructions. 

Raspberry Pi 3s

Come set up our two Rasperry Pi 3s.  Use SCRATH and other programming services to learn all about coding.  The little computers can even run Minecraft Pi!

Minecraft Pi

Our Raspberry Pi's can run their own version of Minecraft!  This is a great way to try out Minecraft and explore the popular, build-able world or Minecraft.

SCRATCH Programming

Use our Raspberry Pi's, laptops or your own 1:1 device to explore programming with MIT's SCRATCH.  Set up your own SCRATCH account or come play with ours. 


We have two iPads loaded with stop-motion software.  Come make your won stop motion films. We even have green screen backgrounds for advanced editing.

Snap Circuits

Play with our large, school-grade set of Snap Circuits.  Learn about electricity and run experiments with the included software.

3-D Pen

Build models in real-time with our 3-D pen. 

Minecraft Day Stop Motion Videos

Here they are!  Check them out HERE.

Play-Doh Stop Motion Movies

Check them out HERE.

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3-D Printer Software

Thanks to generous grant from the Rotary Club of Chariho, Clark Memorial Library has a Makerspace!  Many local small libraries are coming together to create a regional resource for all communities in the Chariho area. 

The space features a 3-D printer, a 3-D scanner, a VHS to DVD converter, Raspberry Pi computers, iPads with great apps, a sewing machine, 3-D pens, LEGOs, Snap Circuits, coloring books and art supplies for all interests.   The Makerspace will is “mobile” and can provide access to library patrons at many sites in the region.

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